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Cover Subtitle | Outsourcing Student Success

Outsourcing Student Success | The History of Institutional Research and the Future of Higher Education

Now available on, Outsourcing Student Success, the first independent scholarship on the one hundred year history of institutional research in higher education. Colleges and universities have engaged in a bewildering succession of reform efforts to improve institutional performance and student success in higher education since the 1960s, with little …

Figure 3 | A Formula for Accountability

Honors of Inequality, Part VIII

“For the latter challenge, the National Research Council’s (NRC) statement on scientific research on education expects no less: the research process itself is “highly contested territory,” often producing equivocal and non-durable results, explored via multiple methodologies, and clarified in periodic “syntheses of research findings…” (2) Understandably, the organization and integration …

Figure 1 | A Formula for Student Success

Honors of Inequality, Part VII

[W]e wished to recover the thoughts of early practitioners who – with an intellectual freedom and honesty to consider the possibilities of institutional research at its origins – recognized the need for an authentic institutional research apparatus to empower a scientific community for the study of higher education settings. In …

Search for a Paradigm

Honors of Inequality, Part VI

“More profoundly, Tyrrell entertained no illusion about the particularity of an institution of higher education, “the center of confluence for many social forces.” In Tyrrell’s nascent theory, the institution is most definitely not an object, a prison house of institutional research, but a field that unites cultural and material phenomena …

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