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Institutional Effectiveness

Figure 4 | Percentage of Adults Age 25-34 with Tertiary Education (OECD)

Honors of Inequality, Part IX

Institutional researchers oversee a bounty of information stored in student information systems and enterprise resource planning systems of colleges universities. Yet, there is little guidance to enable IR practitioners to collectively organize their respective institutions into a large array for the systematic measurement of student success and “what works” in …

Figure 1 | A Formula for Student Success

Honors of Inequality, Part VII

[W]e wished to recover the thoughts of early practitioners who – with an intellectual freedom and honesty to consider the possibilities of institutional research at its origins – recognized the need for an authentic institutional research apparatus to empower a scientific community for the study of higher education settings. In …

Search for a Paradigm

Honors of Inequality, Part VI

“More profoundly, Tyrrell entertained no illusion about the particularity of an institution of higher education, “the center of confluence for many social forces.” In Tyrrell’s nascent theory, the institution is most definitely not an object, a prison house of institutional research, but a field that unites cultural and material phenomena …

VLA Full Array - 02 | Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI

Honors of Inequality, Part V

“[E]very student has an array of different probabilities of success that varies for every institution in the country. Little is known how these differential probabilities of success are distributed across institutions because opposition to institutional accountability and multi-institutional research has effectively constrained institutional research to the local outcomes at particular …

Search for a Paradigm

Honors of Inequality, Part IV

Rather than quibble over the distinctions and priority of basic research over applied research, is it not possible to conceive institutional research as social scientific research agencies, dispersed geographically and culturally, that are capable of being partners in a collaborative enterprise with a focused and balanced portfolio of scientific research …

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