Building Infrastructure for Reporting, Planning, and Effectiveness

A Special Offer for New Clients

Historia|Research is committed to partnering with institutions to develop the infrastructure that allows research and assessment personnel to redirect their resources and time from data submissions to the delivery of strategic analysis for mission-critical initiatives and to the design of effectiveness studies to enhance the success of student interventions.

For the 2017-18 academic year, we are discounting our comprehensive service for the implementation of the infrastructure for reporting, planning, and effectiveness. For about the cost of an entry-level research analyst[1], Historia|Research will work with your institution to establish or enhance its institutional research functions in three phases:

  1. Infrastructure for reporting:
    1. Integrity audit for federal and state submissions
    2. Core strategic data sets for institutional research
    3. Automation for reporting federal and state submissions
  2. Infrastructure for planning:
    1. Fact book updates automation
    2. Scorecard and strategic plan dashboard
    3. Predictive models for enrollment and retention
  3. Infrastructure for effectiveness
    1. Academic program and unit review metrics
    2. Integration of outcomes assessment
    3. Institutional assessment plan (utilizing infrastructure)

To learn more about our mission and approach, please see our solutions for presidents and provosts and our services for institutional effectiveness and research officers.

For more information about our special offer and to learn more about our comprehensive solution, email us at or call 312-818-8849.

Figure 1 | Strategic Data Sets for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness

Modular Data Set Infrastructure

Modular Data Set Infrastructure


Rather than allocate resources to an inexperienced research analyst or contract with vendors for each new strategic initiative, invest in the infrastructure for institutional research that reduces the time all institutional staff spends on institutional reporting and expands the research capacities of your institutional effectiveness and planning personnel. Our solution relies on standard social scientific research technology that minimizes upfront costs of implementation and enhances your ability to find quality leadership for the design and administration of strategic research initiatives.

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  1. Estimated cost per phase of implementation. Restrictions may apply.
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