Solutions for Institutional Effectiveness and Research Officers

Institutional research systems that transform the routine preparation of external submissions into strategic resources for business analytics and the assessment of student outcomes by institutional effectiveness and research officers.

The size and origin of an institutional research or effectiveness office often determines how well-equipped an institution is to face the challenges of the current higher education landscape. Distributed reporting procedures and responsibilities in which the administrative units or IT departments prepare and report key performance metrics for external agencies undermines higher education institutions’ capacity for efficiency and improvement.

Historia | Research partners with chief institutional effectiveness and research officers to develop centralized infrastructures that permit the institution’s trained research and assessment personnel to shift their attention from data submissions to the delivery of strategic analysis and design of effectiveness research to measure the outcomes of student interventions and mission-critical initiatives.


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Institutional Research
Automated IPEDS and CDS Submissions | Reformat records from your student information systems to meet upload specifications, drastically reducing the time staff spends on submission preparation in future years.

Strategic Data Set Design | Deploy the specifications of federal submissions and social scientific research principles to create strategic data systems for complex statistical analysis.

Environmental Scanning | Provide the leadership to identify and prioritize the profound challenges facing your institution in the 21st century.

Power to envision student success and advance the mission of your institution into the foreseeable future
Fact Book Development | Effective strategic planning and implementation begins with transparent communication of performance to the academic community and stakeholders.

Benchmark Survey Research | Get the most value from strategic surveys and data sets in order to discover the high impact practices that uniquely influence the success of your institution’s student body.

Predictive Analytics for Success | Deploy predictive analytics to provide enrollment management leaders with the foresight to understand the potential impact of enhancements to recruiting and retention strategies.

Institutional Effectiveness
Exploratory Research | Applied research to enable administrators to define problems more concisely and form heuristic devices to shape the design of interventions for student success.

Assessment Design | Design and implement assessment instruments and effectiveness measures that assure academic leaders of the reliability and validity of assessment practices.

Quasi-Experimental Research | Ethical, applied research design to measure the potential size of the benefit a new program or intervention will have on institutional effectiveness and revenue.

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