Solutions for Chief Executive and Academic Officers

Institutional effectiveness mechanisms that pose the hard questions and enhance the ability of chief executive and academic officers to align an institution’s divisions.

Having the right people in place is only half the solution. An institution without the proper mechanisms to insure the transparency of performance and the accountability to strategic goals does not have the means to demonstrate comprehensive service to its mission or continuing improvement for the success of its students.

Historia | Research empowers chief executive and academic officers with solutions to secure the integrity of data, the potential to reach strategic objectives, and the assessment mechanisms to align operational units with executive leadership. We work with institutions to build internally its infrastructure for research, assessment, and effectiveness.


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Institutional Research
Submission Integrity Audits | Confidential services to assess the ability of your institution to meet the compliance standards for external data submissions.

Dashboard Design | Quickly review key performance indicators and institutional effectiveness measures to better manage the operations and strategic initiatives of the institution.

Mission-Centric Quality Assurance | Identify inter-departmental data sharing gaps and communication barriers that impede an institution’s ability to fulfill its unique promise to students.

Power to envision student success and advance the mission of your institution into the foreseeable future

Competitive Benchmarking | Realistic conclusions about your institution’s competitive position and identify aspirational peers within reach.

Performance Metric Projections | Trend analysis to insure the institution sets goals consistent with its past performance, financial means, and market conditions.

Strategic Plan Assessment | Measure progress on activities and accountability measures key to the fulfillment of those goals and objectives set by executive leadership.

Institutional Effectiveness
Academic Program Review | A balanced approach for the use of qualitative and quantitative measures to improve and strengthen academic programming.

Institutional Assessment Planning | Leverage assessment mechanisms as a comprehensive system to periodically evaluate the success of mission-centric initiatives.

Grant Office Development | Join the broader social and federal initiatives to expand access to higher education and improve student outcomes.

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