Take the First Step to More Systematic Inquiry

Proof-of-Concept Offer

Historia|Research seeks to enlarge its partnerships. We are making a proof-of-concept offer to automate significant aspects of an upcoming IPEDS submission to demonstrate how our methodology will reduce employee time spent on reporting and enable more collaborative research with other institutions. Look for our targeted brochure in the postal mail.

Transform the Burden of External Reporting into the Bounty of Student Success Analytics

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) provides a set of specifications for each of its nine interrelated annual surveys for higher education. Historia|Research uses the specifications of federal and state submissions to build a comprehensive data analysis system. Our approach utilizes automation for reporting as a resource for strategic ad-hoc research to improve student enrollment, retention and outcomes — and we do not ask your institution to surrender its proprietary enterprise and student data to a third-party or cloud service in the private sector.

Where We Start

Automate the IPEDS Fall Enrollment submission before it is due in early April. Fall enrollment data are the cornerstone to a flexible, strategic research system for college planning and effectiveness. This one step in IR Infrastructure can be a rich investment for your institution’s mission, integrity & affordability. We have a proven system applicable to SQL-compliant database systems. Be one of 5 to 10 institutions to take the first step to the competitive advantage of a comprehensive institutional effectiveness solution.

Technological Requirements

If your IR office uses SPSS for statistical analysis and your institution has deployed a SQL-compliant (Oracle, Micosoft SQL Server, etc.) student information or ERP system, then you have the necessary technological resources already in place.

To contact us, send an email to contact@historiaresearch.com or call 312-818-8849.

Review the Brochure

Historia|Research Take the First Step Brochure (pdf)

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