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Data-Driven Decision Making

Figure 4 | Percentage of Adults Age 25-34 with Tertiary Education (OECD)

Honors of Inequality, Part IX

Institutional researchers oversee a bounty of information stored in student information systems and enterprise resource planning systems of colleges universities. Yet, there is little guidance to enable IR practitioners to collectively organize their respective institutions into a large array for the systematic measurement of student success and “what works” in …

Metamarket Analytics | Figure 3

Metamarket Analytics | The Data Science of Consumer Preferences

Note: The following piece on marketing research and social media is co-written with Donnell Wright, VP Strategy & Business Development, Social Intelligence at SDL plc. The proliferation of data science or Big Data analytics presents the field of marketing research with disruptive innovations that most marketing researchers are unprepared to …

Outsourcing Student Success

Outsourcing Student Success

Of Advocates and Entrepreneurs Michael B. Horn, “a top proponent of higher-ed disruption,” stepped down from his position as director at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Clayten Christensen Institute, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on October 12. In a blog post announcing his decision, Horn indicated his intention to “work on …

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