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News Items from the Week of October 27, 2017

International Study identifies key challenges for foreign students | Nearly half of international students who return to their home country after graduation cited visa-related and work-related issues as the primary reason for returning, according to a new report on the career prospects and outcomes of international students. Taking HE forward …

A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

For preventing higher education institutions in America, from being burdened by tuition-dependency and “small” endowments, and for making higher education beneficial to its students. In November, 2015, Moody’s Investors Service released its latest melancholy forecast for tuition-dependent, private non-profit colleges and universities: “It’s going to be another year of lackluster …

The Poverty of Revenue Maximization, Part II

The Fundamental Nature of Tuition-Dependent Institutions “Colleges and universities, whether public or private,” Gabriel E. Kaplan stresses, “are embedded within market and political environments that place certain [external] demands and expectations” on higher education executives and internal constituents.[1] In that respect, the fundamental nature of tuition-dependent colleges and universities reflects …

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